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Welcome to the final step of securing your ideal credit scores. Here at the Dispute Center, you will learn the exact steps and paths I took to dispute accounts off of my credit. You will also learn some tips and tricks from other reputable sources that may have taken different routes than I have to get their credit scores repaired as well.


As I mentioned previously on the main dispute page; disputing must be done when and only after you have frozen and opted out of all 8 Credit Reporting Agencies. Remember, when disputing items on your credit report, the entity reporting your items MUST prove that the negative items are accurate and belong to you. They can't verify anything if no one is allowed to tell them what the truth is can they? Wink-Wink 😜

Dispute Woes

Filing Credit disputes can be very cumbersome at times. Although the work "appears" to be something rather easy, the outcome is often times relative to not what you say but rather how you say it.

Hiring An Agent

I remember when I first hired someone at $90/mo., I honestly thought everything would be sorted out. One whole year later, my credit was the same - nothing was changed! I was absolutely livid. From that point on, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Moral of the story: sometimes it’s best to just do things yourself if you want to have the job done right.

Trial and Error

I've never had any luck sending letters to the credit bureaus. However, it's not always what you say but rather how you say it when writing your 1st, 2nd, and yes - even your 3rd letter to the credit bureaus.


Use The Bureau To Dispute

The Experian online/mobile service is perfect for viewing what is hurting your credit and showing you the right path to begin your dispute process.


What To Do

Old - Fashioned Way

This is the longest path and can span from 3 - 12 months depending on your financial circumstances. This dispute process guarantees permanent removal of negative items by paying the collectors in full or settling for less to make it all go away. Click "Learn More" to proceed.


Modern - Fashioned Way

This path is usually the fastest but requires a lot more foot-work to complete successfully. It consists of gathering your supporting documents(if any), typing up letters to the 3 main credit bureaus, and waiting for them to validate your debt. Click the "Learn More" button below to get started.