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J'scential Fragrances LLC

Tidepools (Wax Melts)

Tidepools (Wax Melts)

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Imagine standing above the clear crystal blue Caribbean waters – soaking up its unforgettable natural beauty. You hike back down the rainforest and take the path towards the beachside. As you traverse over the rocky coast, you stumble upon a secluded “pool-like” area known to be called the tidepools. It’s naturally formed rocky structure permits it isolation from the beautiful vast open ocean but allows just enough new beach water to circulate back in – further nourishing the already flourishing ecosystem there. The subtle crash of waves against the rocks creates a relaxing atmosphere. Such natural phenomenon - compounded with an “aurora-like” sunset across the Caribbean Ocean to top off your day creates the breathtaking view you’ve known to love and cherish whenever you burn our “Tidepools” Wax Melts. We take pride in creating inspirational wax products founded on our experiences from our hometown in the Caribbean. We hope you enjoy this Wax Melt just as much – if not more, than we have making it for you. Thank you.🥰
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