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About Us

J'scential Fragrances LLC. is a Black Owned Candle Company that specializes in creating wax products from exotic fragrances native to the Caribbean (US Virgin Islands). All of our products are handmade in small batches to ensure freshness, longevity, and the best quality. The unparalleled ingredients used not only keep the production process simple but make it the most natural, potent, and non-toxic candles on the market!

Our mission is to provide high quality and environmentally friendly products that help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Jessica, Founder / CEO

Meet Jessica, Founder & CEO

Jessica was born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Croix - located in the US Virgin Islands(Caribbean).

Inspired by the amazing smells of the exotic tropical fruits and flora in her hometown - Jessica Founded her company J'scential Fragrances LLC. in December of 2021. She currently attends college to complete her Bachelors in Business Entertainment.

With the forthcoming acquisition of her Bachelors and the aide of her Fiancé - business partner, and high school friend of 13 years, Jessica plans on growing her Virginia based company into a Nationwide Powerhouse.

Jessica's obsession for candles and the inspiration and love of her 4 beautiful children drive her to create more products that everyone will love!

Our Business

Established in December 2021 - J'scential Fragrances LLC. was nothing more than an aspiring idea at the time. This idea - along with Jessica's love for candles was all that was needed for Jessica to put her plan into motion. Jessica made it her mission to bring forth all the wonderful scents and fragrances she knew and grew to love and mold them into creating something that she knew everyone would love and enjoy! That's when "J'scential Fragrances LLC." was born!

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