Wholesaler Policy


By participating in the "FOR LIFE REFERRAL PROGRAM" with J'scential Fragrances, LLC., you hereby agree to have read and understood our terms, policies, and agreements. All policies may be subject to change at any time. The following sections dictates the rules, responsibilities, and guidelines that MUST be followed and adhered to when conducting business between YOU - the client, and the J'scential Fragrances LLC company/website thereof.

Section 1a.


Sect.1a-1.A The client(YOU) are responsible for the development/upbringing of said desired scent(s). Upon completion of the "Discovery & Research" process, the client must contact J'scential Fragrances LLC via email at support@jscential.com and procure said documents thereof relating to the idea(s). Sect.1a-2.A The client(s) will NOT be charged for a/the sample(s) relating to what's defined in Sect.2a-1.A & Sect.3a-1A respectively. However, the client(s) shall be responsible for the shipping of the sample(s) described in Sect.3a-2A therein. Sect.1a-3.A The J'scential Fragrances LLC team will respond accordingly. A confirmation email will be sent to the client(s) notifying them of the Jscential Fragrances LLC team successfully receiving the email.

Section 2a.


Sect.2a-1.A An approximate 1-2 week grace period will be needed for the "SAMPLE RESEARCH" process to complete. During this time, the Jscential Fragrances LLC's team will be tasked with procurring a series of sample fragrances/scents that meet the criteria of the client(s) whilst meeting J'scential Fragrances LLC's Safety, Performance, and Quality Standards (SPQS). The client's safety and well being are of the utmost priority. Therefore, it goes without warrant - the justification of said grace period.

Section 3a.


Sect.3a-1A During the "PHASE-1 Delivery" stage, the J'scential Fragrances LLC team will ship the client(s) their respective sample(s). Sample quantity variants will vary depending on the carefully selected resources available for the specified sample(s) that the client(s) chose. Sect.3a-2A Shipping fees will be handled by the client(s) as mentioned previously in Sect.1a-2.A.

Section 4a.


Sect.4a-1A The client(s) shall be tasked with the responsibility of providing accurate feedback detailing their views on the sample(s) that was shipped to them. The client(s) will decide whether or not a/the sample(s) PASS/FAIL their standards/requirements - either together, seperately, or neither. Sect.4a.2A Any details regarding the client's production designation criteria MUST be GIVEN IN VIVID DETAIL to avoid any inconsistencies or inaccurate information during the developmental stage. Sect.4a-3A The client(s) has/have a total of 7 days AFTER confirmation of delivery to complete their disposition. If for some unusual circumstance a disposition cannot be concluded, the client(s) shall promptly contact the J'scential Fragrances LLC team to provide reasoning as to why a final disposition could not be made. Sect.4a-4A Within the final 48 hours of the 7 day grace period, the J'scential Fragrances LLC team will make multiple attempts to contact the client(s) with their provided contact information. If there is no success in making contact with the client(s) within the last 48 hours of the 7 day grace period, the client's For Life Program Participation SHALL BE HALTED until contact with the J'scential Fragrances LLC's team has been made. Sect.4a-5A Upon the client's completion of disposition, both parties (You)client(s) and J'scential Fragrances LLC team(Company) MUST confirm mutually that the client's disposition is completed in its entirety and that any changes that may have needed to be done have either been completed prior to declaring the disposition final or has been/will be ommitted from the currently finalized disposition thereof. Sect.4a-5A The client(s) shall provide the J'scential Fragrances LLC team with their PRODUCT DESIGNATION CRITERIA. This criteria includes but is NOT limited to the following: CANDLES, WAX MELTS, ROOM SPRAYS, BATH BOMBS, BATH BOMB POWDER, SOAPS, BODY OILS or any other product(s) similar to the above mentioned therein.

Section 5a.


Sect.5a-1A Upon the client's approval of final disposition and product designation criteria, the J'scential Fragrances LLC.'s team shall be tasked with the production of the client's scent(s)/fragrance(s) product. This includes the incorporation of both the client's chosen product designation of whom their scent will be infused with and the scent(s)/fragrances(s) therein. Sect.5a-2A Once the developmental stage begins for the client(s) ALL TRANSACTIONS WILL BECOME FINAL. Such transactions include but are NOT limited to the following: Financial Transactions, Product Designation Criteria, Idea Modifications, Scent(s)/Fragrance(s) Dispositions, and quantity of client's products.

Section 6a.


Sect.6a-1A The client(s) will receive the FINISHED PRODUCT from the J'scential Fragrances LLC team once the DEVELOPMENTAL STAGE has been completed. Sect.6a-2A The J'scential Fragrances LLC team will contact the client(s) - notifying them of the completion of the DEVELOPMENTAL STAGE and the commencement of the Phase-2 Delivery process. Sect.6a-3A The product(s) shall be made to look, smell, and/or feel as described previously in Sect.4a-1A by the client(s). Sect.6a-4A Any damages to the client's product(s) during shipment SHALL be replaced at no additional cost to the client(s).


Sect.6b-1A The client(s) - upon receiving the FINISHED PRODUCT SHALL be held solely responsible for the exhibition of their FINISHED PRODUCT. With the resources available, the client(s) SHALL utilize various legal avenues to raise awareness and procure potential sales of the client's FINISHED PRODUCT. Sect.6b-2A The client(s) shall not / will not willingly or knowingly identify themselves as a representative, brand ambassador, spokesperson, or any other shape or form of representation of the J'scential Fragrances LLC company thereof. Sect.6b-3A The client(s) SHALL meet and/or exceed the 5 - 10 sale threshold to qualify for the FOR LIFE REFERRAL PROGRAM BENEFIT. Sect.6b-4A Throughout the entirety of the FOR LIFE REFERRAL PROGRAM and the EXHIBITION process, (YOU) THE CLIENT(S) WHOLEHEARTEDLY REPRESENT(S) YOURSELF/YOURSELVES THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS. Sect.6b-5A The client(s) understand(s) that the J'SCENTIAL FRAGRANCES LLC(COMPANY) can ONLY manufacture what is asked of the client(s) and that ONLY upon the client's approval can any product(s) be manufactured by J'scential Fragrances LLC (Company).

Section 7a.


Sect.7a-1A The client(s) MUST meet a certain criteria in order to qualify for the FOR LIFE REFERRAL PROGRAM BENEFIT per Sect.6b.3A. The FOR LIFE REFERRAL PROGRAM BENEFIT grants the qualifying client(s) with CONDITIONAL INFINITE PRODUCT PROVISIONING. Sect.7a-2A The client(s) is/are allowed one(1) singular product from the client's PRODUCT DESIGNATION CRITERIA for the remainder of the client's lifespan. Sect.7a-3A The client(s) SHALL provide the J'scential Fragrances LLC team with the follwing information. Age, Name, Country of Origin & State, what inspired them to come up with their scent/fragrance idea, and a picture of themself/themselves. Sect.7a-4A This information will be used on the J'scential Fragrances LLC's website to recognize & honor the client(s) and their distinguished contribution to the J'scential Fragrances LLC Company. Sect.7a-5A Every time a customer purchases a product that was inspired by the client(s), they will also receive a CARD OF RECOGNITION detailing the client and their conribution to the creation of said product(s).

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the J'scential Fragrances LLC FOR LIFE POLICY order, please contact support@jscential.com. We will be happy to assist you.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2022