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Everyone's situation is different - therefore, the time it takes for your credit to change for the better is relative. Nonetheless, the information you receive here is accurate to the best of my knowledge - most of its contents reflect my own personal experiences and what isn't are from very credible sources.

What is Credit?

Credit in its financial context is borrowed funding - either from a bank, or some other financial entity that you receive for a specific financial need. This borrowed funding is contingent on your ability to pay back the returned amount within a predetermined timeframe - along with any interest and fees accrued during your duration of owning this contractual agreement. The amount of credit that you can receive is relative to your previous borrowing and your ability to pay back the funds within the agreed timeframe. This is known as your “Credit Worthiness”.

Credit Worthiness

As mentioned previously - your credit worthiness is your ability to fulfill your debt obligations within the agreed parameters. This is what lenders look at when determining if you are a suitable candidate for lending their funds to. To put it bluntly - be sure to pay your bills on time and never borrow anything you cannot afford to pay back. Being worthy by lenders to receive credit is then reflected on your "Credit Score"

"The Big 3" Credit Bureaus


What They Don't Tell You

Financial literacy has been intentionally lost to time in our Education System for obvious reasons that need not be mentioned. Nonetheless, what you need to know now is that there are a multitude of reporting agencies aside from the 3 mentioned above. The following agencies I will be mentioning are going to be the starting points to help put you on to the path to "Greener Credit Pastures".

The 3-Way Reporter

A large database company that collects public-records data. Experian, Transunion, and Equifax use them to validate your credit information. Call (800)831-2578 and fill out the form to opt-out.


LexisNexis Security Freeze

Click the button below to be taken to the LexisNexis Security Freeze request form. NOTE: You MUST OPT-OUT online and fill out the freeze request form in order to get your personal information blocked successfully.

The Accounting Informant

Reports your personal payment history, and its source. Information used to prove identity and prevent fraud may date back to 10 years (mortgages, credit cards, late payments, etc).


Innovis Security Freeze

Click the button below to be taken to the Innovis Security Freeze request form. NOTE: You MUST OPT-OUT online and fill out the freeze request form in order to get your personal information blocked successfully.

Evictions & Convictions

Ever got denied an apartment because of an eviction or denied a job because you were identified as a felon? Corelogic(CREDCO) may have been the culprit.

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LexisNexis Subsidiary

Similar to LexisNexis - Sagestream reports Credit Card information as well. Call (888)395-0277 and fill out the form to opt-out. 


Sagestream Security Freeze

Although Sagestream is now under LexisNexis, it is recommended that you fill out the Sagestream Opt-Out form by clicking the "Opt-Out" button above and also the Security Freeze Form by clicking the button below as well. Please remember to call (888)395-0277 to verify.

Visa Subsidiary

Also known as (Acxiom) is a nationwide debt collection agency based in California. They collect consumer debt for some big banks, lenders, and credit card companies.

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Francois Capital LLC


Click the button below to be taken to the Francois Capital LLC website. NOTE: This video was used for educational purposes only. If you are interested in the Francois Capital LLC's services, you will be held to their Terms of Service and conditions.

Stay The Path

Your path to good credit doesn't have to be a long and hard one. Keep your eyes on the path, stay steady on your goals, and you will get there.

The Three Musketeers

These three "Knights In White Armor" will lead you down the path to "Credit Worthy Righteousness".

Let's Begin

All three of these services work hand in hand to build and monitor your credit scores. We will go through the details of each as we move on. Now, without further ado - click the "Get Started" button below to get started!